Sony Promoted John Kodera as the New Head of the PlayStation

John Kodera is the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment as Andrew House is being replaced by him.

Since 2011, Andrew has been running the unit. He replaced Kaz Hirai as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2011 and revealed the PlayStation 4 and Hideo Kojima’s first post-Konami project. And now, Kodera who has primarily worked on online service PlayStation Network will take the control of the unit.

However, House will remain at the chairman position over the end of the year and then follow “new challenges” outside of Sony.

Shares of the company are rising with higher expectations in growth of the games but the PlayStation 4 console heading toward the ending life cycle analysts are questioning about the next journey. Considering the efforts of Kodera for adding non-gaming content to the PlayStation Network, Sony’s chief Kazuo Hirai find the way of addition of TV shows, movies, and music to ease the earning volatility between console life cycles.

Hirai said, “John Kodera has led Sony’s network service business since 2013 and played a pivotal role in its growth.” “With the significance of network services increasing across the entire Sony Group, I believe that John is ideally equipped to build on the foundations Andy has left in place.”

Last financial year, Games made up 21 percent of Sony’s total revenue. At that time, the online subscriptions and digital downloads exceeded hardware sales therefore; PlayStation Network produced the majority of the games revenue of division.

House stated that PlayStation has been a big part of their life but this is the right time for him to follow new challenges.