Nvidia Announced a Drive PX Pegasus for Level 5 Autonomous Cars

Nvidia, an American technology company which designs computer graphics cards, announced today a more powerful computing platform for use in self-driving cars. The company introduced the new system at a GPU conference in Munich, Germany.

The company introduced its new system called the Drive PX Pegasus, a new entry to the Drive PX family which can be used to power Level 5, fully autonomous cars without steering wheels, pedals, or mirrors.

The new Drive PX Pegasus will produce over 320 trillion operations per seconds, which is equals to more than 10 times its forerunner’s processing power.

Pegasus will be retailed to the hundreds of automakers and tech companies that are currently developing autonomous vehicles starting the second half of 2018, according to the company.

Nvidia promised that the Level 5 autonomy won’t be taken lightly.  All automakers and tech companies think before speaking about the levels of autonomy. Most car companies will probably skip Level 3 and Level 4 because they are very dangerous. So, Nvidia is going to deliver the highest level of self-driving starting next year is maybe a little bit headless.

A senior director of automated driving at Nvidia Danny Shapiro said, “These vehicles are going to save a lot of lives.”

Nvidia has added two announcements at the conference that that it was partnering with Deutsche Post DHL Group and auto supplier ZF to develop fully self-driving delivery trucks by 2019. Besides, it was allowing early access to its virtual “Holodeck” technology for selecting designers and developers.