Google Allo for the Web Adds Support for Opera, iOS, and Firefox

Google Allo is one of those Google messaging services which were launched for the web in August. But it was only limited for Chrome, and Today, Google has expanded the support to Opera, iOS, and Firefox. Not everyone uses it but there are some.

Though, Allo delivers simple and joyful service, due to Google’s confusing variety of messaging platforms, Allo’s adoption has become slower.

A regular mentioned reasons and requests for the web version remains one of the biggest complaint users have. But now, users can chat all the time when on their computers and not on their phones.

Google’s Head of Product for Allo, Amit Fulay, announced the rollout for the web version. However, with the earlier support, it is necessary to download the latest version of Allo for Android and iOS users.

After installing the app, you should tap on the hamburger menu on the app’s left side; pick Allo for web, then go to the web link on the computer. It will display a QR code and users can scan that code with the Allo-installed app. Then, it will take a few seconds to load up conversations, and then Google Allo web client will start to work.

The support for Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and some other smaller browsers has not come yet. Users can also activate Allo for the web over the iOS app.

Now, if you want to send the message to someone, you can prefer Google Assistant as it’s designed to be your friend. Allo still doesn’t have SMS.