Facebook Added Newest Order Food Service

Facebook is now officially trying to bring the people closer together by releasing the restaurants and delivery services together for users.  Facebook believes that the process of ordering food for takeout or delivery has become little complicated. So it released a new service through which users can order food right on the app.

The social media giant said that its new Order Food service carries together national restaurant chains, local spots and various popular delivery services to provide a seamless user experience.

The new service will combine delivery services Olo, Delivery.com, ChowNow DoorDash, and EatStreet, together with restaurants like Five Guys, Panera, Jack in the Box, and Papa John’s.  As Facebook is all about friends, this new service will also integrate reviews from friends.

To use this service, users just need to tap on the Order Food feature on the App. It will provide various food options and delivery services according to the restaurant. Facebook users can then choose whichever one they want to use.

Facebook announced that it has been working on this feature for over a year and will add more and more restaurants and delivery partners after expanding the Order Food service. Users can order through mobile and desktop as the new feature works on Facebook’s entire platform.

The company is rolling the new addition everywhere in the United States on iOS, Android and desktop to keep eyes on its own platform.  Job listings, weather, movie times, fundraisers, and games are all integrated.