Don Not Use Sleep Positioners for Babies as the Devices Are Harmful, FDA Warns

It is difficult to know which things are useful for your baby, which are unneeded and which are actually harmful.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning parents to avoid the use of sleep positioners for their babies.acco0rding to FDA, sleep positioners can cause lethal suffocation of babies.

The gadget is fabricated using a thin mat and wedges designed to keep babies from moving around during sleep.  It helps raise the baby’s head or keeps the baby from moving, and arrives in a variety of different designs and colors.  Usually they cost from $20 to $50.

In the previous 13 years, about 12 cases reported of babies who have died from suffocation with the sleep positioners, according to FDA.

Alliance president Cathy Files stated that a flat surface is the best surrounding for babies. Files said, “We want families to know that there is nothing that they can buy to put in the crib with their baby that is safe.” “Sleep positioners are very dangerous for infants to sleep in because they can roll and get the product against their face and they do not have the neck strength or ability to move away, thus posing a danger of suffocation,” she noted.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested that parents should put their infants on their backs to sleep to avoid the sleep-related risk of infant deaths. Parents should choose clothes carefully to keeps the baby warm without overheating them. Avoid use of blankest or extra bedclothes.