Dementia Symptoms Include Psychosis Which Is Now the Leading Cause of Unnecessary Deaths

Researchers from the University of Exeter have found that current treatment for psychosis that majority of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers are experiencing is causing thousands of inessential deaths.

Psychosis is a mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so damaged that contact with external reality gets change. According to the National Health Service, this may involve hallucinations or delusions.

Around two-thirds of people with Alzheimer’s disease have detected with this and they are often prescribed antipsychotics.

Though, the scientists have found little success in reducing symptoms, they have destructive side-effects. In the UK, every year, the side-effects include 1,660 inessential strokes and 1,800 inessential deaths.

The Psychosis and other neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia include agitation, depression, sleep disturbances, and apathy which are the some of the symptoms of dementia.

Apart from this, people with other types of dementia, including Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia usually suffer psychosis. Scientists are finding new ways to treat neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia.

Clive Ballard, the professor at the University of Exeter says, “We have been stuck in this damaging cycle of prescribing antipsychotics for people with dementia, despite the fact that there are minimal benefits and lots of harms as a result.”

He said that the treatment needs new drugs and new non-drug interventions to improve treatment of these symptoms of millions of patients worldwide.

Researchers are developing specific psychological therapies, conducting clinical trials of novel drug approaches and using cutting-edge genetic techniques to discover new targets for safe and effective therapies.

According to the NHS, memory loss and problems thinking are also the symptoms of dementia.