Cats in Australia Kill More Than 1 Million Birds Daily

A new study has indicated that cats in Australia kill more than 1 million birds every single day. The researchers from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub of the National Environment Science Program revealed the research by analyzing the evidence form more than 200 different studies.

Around 316 million birds are killed by feral cats and 61 million birds kill by pet cats in Australia every year. That’s each day more than one million bird in Australia.  From these birds, more than 99 percent are native birds.

The study conducted by environmental scientists that examined cat population density analyzed around 100 researches results across Australia.

The research found that there is a ratio of more bird loss in some region than others. The more isolated part of the Australia could experience a higher amount of bird deaths due to cats than populated regions.

“Our knowledge of the impacts of cats on threatened mammals was a major stimulus for our first-ever national Threatened Species Strategy, which prioritized actions to control feral cats. This new research highlights the need to continue working to reduce the impact of cats on our native biodiversity,” said Australian’s Threatened Species Commissioner, Sebastian Lang.

Australia is already taking control programs in order to deal with feral cats but the research emphasizes the need to extend the efforts.

Over AUD30 million has allotted by Threatened Species Strategy of government to supply efforts to decrease the effect of feral cats on wildlife.