You Can Now Capture Google Street View Scenery with Insta360 Pro Camera

Google released a new program called “Street View ready” which will allow anyone with the right hardware to contribute to contribute to its Street View imaging database.

Chinese camera maker Insta360 announced that the Pro camera is the first officially designated ‘Street View auto ready’ that shoots 8K, 360-degree imagery and has real-time image stabilization built-in. This is Google signaling that this camera meets requirement specifications, quality, and accuracy need for capturing Street View on users own terms.

Google confirmed the Street View Ready program with four certification distinctions- VR, mobile, workflow, and auto. The Insta360 Pro camera is rated for “auto ready,” meaning that if you fix one of these cameras to the top of your car, you can capture the ride and upload to Street View through both the Street View app and Insta360’s Pro Sticker desktop app. After few weeks of processing, it could display on Street View in the standalone apps such as Google Maps, or Google Earth.

Users can upload photos and videos from the Insta360 software directly to Street view. Insta360 also said that Google will offer 50 cameras through its Street View camera loan program. The company stated that the Street View will always show the “best” imagery of any particular location.

The camera will cost for $3,499, and for now, it is the single hardware ‘Street View ready’ which has certified by Google.  But Google will roll out it as a loaner to professional individuals and organizations.