Alexa Fans from India Can Use Amazon’s Alexa app on Android and iOS

Amazon’s Alexa app is now available in India for both Android and iOS users. Today is the official starting of smart Home Month so the company will be presenting deals on Alexa-Enabled devices.

Users will need the app to set up the Echo and the company will start shipping to shopper afterward this week.

You can add new skills, can change settings quickly, monitor previous requests, watch what’s playing, and create new routine using the Alexa app.

Ahead of the Echo launch, for creating India-specific skills, Amazon has made partnership with local companies and brands which includes, NDTV, Sportskeeda, Ola, Syska, Saavn, and Time of India.

Regarding the music, it will provide options including Amazon Music, Saavn, and Tuneln. During the testing, Saavn or Alexa couldn’t find the requested song in the library and TuneIn responded with an error.  The company will fix these bugs before people get their hands on their new Echo speaker.

If you already have purchased an Echo device and want to experience access of local skills like local weather and traffic, you can perform setting from scratch.   After that, you can select language option from English (India) out of the four languages. You will need to handle the accent and switch your residence address to India.

The updated Alexa app also contains the option to setup the Amazon Tap, but it is not available in India yet. That’s great news for those users who would like to work the option smoothly here smoothly.