Twitter has a Hidden Tweetstorm Feature on Android!

Twitter is secretly building a new feature on Android which will allow you to post a string of tweets directly inside the app, according to the sources. The company is not testing the Tweetstorm while it currently exists within Twitter’s product, but the test may be on the way soon.

The new Tweetstorm composer is developed by the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, looking like it could fit with that direction and it is becoming very important. Last year, Twitter started a feature that would allow people to publish tweets of up to 10,000 characters with more than its limit of 140. That feature was not worked efficiently but the Tweetstorm composer could catch that soul. It will give users a superb way to share more extensive thoughts.

Posting tweets one at a time and responding them in the sequence is very irritating and time-consuming for users, therefore using Tweetstorm, users can compose everything behind the scenes and can share it all at once.  It will allow you to compose multiple threaded tweets at once.

Twitter is already trying to simplify its features in different ways, such as dropping media embeds or usernames in replies from the character count. Tweetstorm button could remove the distracting block from the wall dividing Twitter from the mainstream.

Currently, the feature is not available for public testing and Tweeter declined to comment on this topic. Hopefully, this new feature will begin rolling out sooner rather than later.