Transportation Department revealed New Safety Guidelines for Automated Driving Cars

On Tuesday, the Transportation Department unveiled new safety guidelines on self-driving cars to clear barriers for those automakers and tech companies who want to test cars on the road.

During a visit to an autonomous vehicle testing at the University of Michigan, the Elaine Chao, a Secretary of U.S Transportation introduced the new safety guidelines.

While under President Obama administration, 15-point safety assessment was released for automakers to test vehicles on the road, the new guidelines contain 12-point voluntary assessment. There is no requirement to consider ethical or privacy issues for automakers.

Chao highlighted that the guidelines are not made to force car developers to follow some technology and requirement. The guideline also states that the federal government defines whether self-driving cars are safe and that is same as Obama administration’s guidelines. The updated guidelines are not applicable for Level 2 vehicles

Chao says, “Our country is on the verge of one of the most exciting and import developments in transportation history.”

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s former interim head David Friedman said that the new plan for Level 2 vehicles was also released on the same day when Chao announced the guideline for automated car driving.

The Department of Transportation said that these guidelines will definitely reduce the various serious vehicle crashes. 94 percent of traffic collisions are caused by human driver error, according to the federal safety statistics. In recent years, numbers of death counts are increasing as smartphones and other devices are becoming popular.