Scientist Introduced New way to build quantum computers


Australia’s Researchers team has found a new easy way to make quantum computers. The researchers from the University of New South West in Australia and Purdue University in the US now has revealed that they have a blueprint for a new kind of qubit (quantum bit ) that will easily build quantum computers.

Researchers build into silicon as like the regular computer’s part. Quantum computers have the power to tackle the strange ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at a time to solve problems. It solves complex and time-consuming problems for existing computers.

Top worldwide companies including Google, IBM and others are developing quantum computers using diffident methods and approaches.

The existing silicon quantum processor has two limitations: the need for atoms to be placed exactly, and allowing them to be placed further apart and still be coupled, which could be overcome through this new design.

Andrea Mello, project leader says, this “flip-flop qubit” will be provided as the chip using the same technology as existing computer chips.

Mello said, “This makes the building of a quantum computer much more feasible since it is based on the same manufacturing technology as today’s computer industry.”

In the United States, the IBM’s quantum computer has 16 qubits which can perform only basic calculations and Google’s quantum computer has nine qubits.

A desktop computer works at gigaflops. China’s Sunway TaihuLight which is the World’s high-speed supercomputer runs at 93 petaflops, but uses the huge amount of energy and runs on 10 million cores.

The A$83 million company plans to build a 10-qubit silicon quantum IC. But don’t get so much excited, if you want to work on the quantum computer then start working at IBM or Google.