Facebook launched its “Watch tab of Original Video” in U.S.

Today, Facebook officially released its new Watch tab of original video content for U.S.’s users.  The service is available on native mobile apps, TV apps, and desktop site of Facebook and it will allow users to subscribe to their favorite series. People in U.S. will see the TV icon in the navigation bar of mobile and bookmarks of a desktop site.

The Watch’s contents will be sponsored by the company and other media partners. Several contents will be available on the “Watch” tab.

Facebook is offering different sections like “New This Week,” “What Friends Are Watching,” “Today’s Spotlight,” “Most Talked About,” and “Suggested For You.”

The Rate of video posting and viewing on Facebook has increased in recent years. Now, Facebook is offering hundreds of dollars for a deal that would let violating videos stay up and it will get music rights.

However, music owners have been discussing with Facebook for the solution, and Facebook has promised to make a system which will detect and tag music that violets copyright. This kind of system setup will take some time to complete and both sides have to wait for it.

Facebook is eagerly waiting to make deal with music owners so that users can easily watch videos. Facebook has decided to make a YouTube Content ID-style system which will allow labels to detect the use of their music.

For the time, Facebook and its partners are simultaneously producing the reality shows since they’re cheap and Facebook is highlighting them. But to attract the users Facebook will need high-quality comedies and dramas scripts.