Climate Change will reduce the Coffee-Production


A group of scientists from Latin America has released a new study on climate change and bees. According to them, the production of coffee will drop in next 35 years and it will directly affect the subsistence of 100 million people.

The director of the University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Environment, Taylor Ricketts said that bees have a major role in a production of coffee as they increase the plants’ yield. Bees make the size of beans more uniform and increase the quality.

The study was revealed by the team of 11-members and their research suggests that the climate change will affect both pollinators and the areas where coffee can grow. The desirable area where coffee can grow will be reduced around 73 to 88% percent by 2050, according to the study.

The researchers stated, “It is not clear whether climate effects on pollinators will accentuate or offset future losses of coffee-producing areas, particularly in the complex montane topographies that produce coffee of high quality.”

However, there could be either positive or negative impact of climate on bees and therefore it could stop coffee production.

Here are some precautions that would help reduce the negative impact of climate change on coffee production:

  • Maintain habitats for wild bees in coffee-supportive areas.
  • Form shade trees in the coffee growing areas in a warming weather. It will cool the beans and provide habitats for pollinators.
  • In some area where it is not possible to grow coffee, farmers may need assistance transitioning to another kind of crop.