Inadequate Sleep Leads Children to Face Type-2 Diabetes

inadequate-sleep-leads-children-to-face-type-2-diabetesIt has scientifically proven by researchers from St. George’s University of London in UK that the children who get inadequate amount of sleep are at higher risk of facing type-2 diabetes.

Researchers examined 4,525 British children of 9-10 years age, with their body measurement, blood sample results and sleeping habits. They conclude that sleeping for less than 6 hours can cause a high blood pressure, obesity and type-2 diabetes in early life.

According to Christopher G Owen, a professor at St. George’s University of London, sleeping for longer duration keeps body with lower weight and lower fat mass as well. The insulin, insulin resistance and blood glucose are the things which are inversely proportional to the duration of sleep.The idle duration of sleep recommended is 10 hours for 10 years old children by the National Health Services (NHS) in UK.

Christopher G Owen added that potential benefits associated with increased sleep in childhood may have implications for health in adulthood. There is also a suggestion to limit the liquids around the bedtimes and turn off the TV or any electronic devices an hour before the bedtime, as their light can affect the sleep of children.

Also the diet of children can affect their general sleep hygiene. The American Sleep Association (ASA) noted that nighttime eating and drinking disorder are the most common things in babies and toddlers. These issues can be overcome by training the kids not to eat while bedtime.

Though, the researchers suggest the ‘extra sleep habit’ as a best cost effective way to have precaution against the type-2 diabetes in early life.