YouTube Red and Google Play Music may merge to offer cohesive service

youtube-red-and-google-play-music-may-merge-to-offer-cohesive-serviceGoogle is well-known for having and offering many such services that do similar things, like the chat apps. The music services of Google’s have been fragmented for years; now the company is expected to change that soon. As per a report from The Verge, Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s head of music stated in New York last night at the New Music Seminar conference that YouTube Red and Google Play Music will merge to make a cohesive, singular service.

The report fails to mention YouTube Music as a separate service, but there are chances that all the three streaming offerings may be combined into one. Google merged the Google Play Music and the YouTube Music product teams earlier this year and this was done shortly after the teams business development services were merged in 2016.

Google has not confirmed or denied the merger, but the company informed the users would be given notice in advance in case of any big changes to take place. “Music is very important to Google and so it is evaluating how to bring together the music offerings and to deliver the best possible product to the users, music partners, and artists,” said the report. “Right now, today nothing will change for users and we will provide plenty of notice time before changes are made.”

It is unclear what the merger may appear. Basically, combining YouTube Red and Google Music will be an exercise in rebranding, such that the users of any of these services have access to all the features.