Orca Whale Attack Alaskan Fishing Boat, Says Man Present Onboard

orca-whale-attack-alaskan-fishing-boat-says-man-present-onboardIn Sitka, Alaska, an incident which dates back to the last Sunday, a local man went on in his boat to catch some fish in the open sea, and suddenly there was an orca whale which repeatedly rammed the fishing boat more than a couple of times, says the man.

He went on with his son and other two people, and the entire incident was recorded by the man’s son on his cell phone, which lately got viral on the internet. Where it was shown that the orca was furiously struck the boat numerous times, and even some were yanking in the anchor and haul section, and even it used its tail to slap the boat, which also for a couple of times.

Now, the experts when watched the video thoroughly they found several problems with the whales, as they were missing something with the whale, which includes the behavior of the water mammal.

In the beginning, the boat and its crewmen just got stumbled with the orca’s behavior, and then they head to safety which follows the more assaulting from the whale. The man whose boat was attacked was identified as Victor Littlefield a local of Sitka said the boat was that time anchored near Little Biorka Island which lies in the southern parts of Alaska.

Initially, Littlefield and his associated thought the incident was caused by a great white shark which was found in the region for quite a couple of time, but it was a killer whale, which normally doesn’t show this kind of nature towards the human.