D.C. has the highest rates of health insurance for children, says report


The District has the highest rates of children that are health-insured, almost 98 percent covered, as per the latest Kids Count released as annual survey on Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The coverage rates nationwide reached a new high, with 95 percent children insured in 2015, stated the report.

The health insurance coverage growth is a clear sign of improvements in the health of the children says the foundation’s annual report, analyzing the trends in children’s well-being.

In fact, it is also vulnerable to backsliding, as Congress plans to cut funding and rewrite Affordable Care Act that fueled Medicaid and Children’s Health insurance program for families who cannot afford.

“We have seen the success is possible when policymakers, the local and federal prioritize child well-being,” said Shana Bartley, DC Action for Children acting executive director. “But these gains could be lost,” she said.

Bartley and other children advocates are calling on the Trump administration and Congress to retain the health-care funding, and the funding for other programs that are creating a safety net for children. President Trump’s budget plan includes massive cuts to food stamps, family welfare and earned income tax credits and this also many help families living in poverty.

Advocates say the health insurance expansion has a clear impact on the well being of the children. Fewer uninsured children translate into the visits of fewer emergency rooms and the earlier identification and better treatment for life-threatening diseases such as asthma is helpful.

Higher insurance coverage among adults is also beneficial to children, including better prenatal care for pregnant women and also fewer preterm births or babies with low-birth-weight, according to the advocates.

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