10 Days Old Utah Wildfire Become Largest Active Fires & Still Increasing

10-days-old-utah-wildfire-become-largest-active-fires-still-increasingIn Brian Head, Utah, still on Tuesday, the wildfire is still not able to control by the firefighters who were working day and night to put off the raging fire, but now the fire is ramping towards the South Utah’s ski town of Brian Head, says an authority.

According to the report, which was placed by the state fire and emergency officials, they state that on June 17, this wildfire initiated and after two days it burnt more than 1,000 acres, but now it grasps over 49,000 acres of land in the Beehive state of Utah. Till now there were hundreds of firefighters are on the field trying to stop the fire, which doesn’t have any mood to stop; instead, it is moving towards to populated areas, like Brian Head.

Brian Head is a popular destination, especially for the people of Las Vegas, who are the most enthusiastic tourists that visited there, but now the skiing and hiking spot is being evacuated which creates a huge loss for business at this peak time, say local businessmen.

On the other hand, the origin of the wildfire is entirely responsible for humans, said by several Wild land Fire Prevention & Education team, who think humans are only responsible for all the wildfires, arises in the region, which is approximate all this year. Though all the arguments, luckily there were still no fatalities occurred in the fire, and not even any severe or minor injuries too, which is good news so far.