Unexpected Flight Landing In A California Airport Saves Its Passengers From Potential Danger

unexpected-flight-landing-in-a-california-airport-saves-its-passengers-from-potential-dangerIn Modesto, California, an Alaska Airlines flight was bound from Sacramento to San Diego but had to make an involuntary landing on another Californian airport, due to a possible fire in the cargo section of the plane.

According to the report, after the Alaska Airlines Flight 3391 takes off from the Sacramento International Airport, the flight was running smooth and also its pilots, who were not aware of anything happening in the back.

But, after several miles, the flight’s indicator started blinking, and the pilots were shocked because the indicator was an alarm for a potential fire in the cargo bay of the plane. Because of no disturbance in flying the aircraft, the pilots didn’t panicked and asked the nearest airport to get ready for an emergency land. The air traffic control of the Modest City-County Airport responds and asked about the emergency, which in reply the Flight 3391 pilot told the officials about the fire situation, then they agreed to make the arrangements.

The landings were done in a calm way, and no incidents happened when the flight lands, but after landing the Modesto Fire Department came in and checked the cargo bay with their thermal cameras. But, they found no trace of any fire except heat signals, thus the fire department concluded the plane’s fire extinguishing system had been activated, and it should be grounded for thorough checkups.

All the 55 passengers were taken in a bus back to Sacramento, as all the arrangements were made by SkyWest, who was operating that particular flight, says a spokesperson.