A Warming Planet Indicates More Type 2 Diabetes


The climate change effects are far-reaching; the new research suggests there is a surprising link to a warming Earth with type 2 diabetes. With the rise of each 1 degree Celsius in the environmental temperature, it is calculated by the researchers that there will be an increase of over 100,000 type 2 diabetes new cases in the US alone.

The study explains that the cold spells in a row activates brown fat and this is different from the white fat. As the brown fat gets activated, it results in an increase in the sensitivity to insulin in the body, a hormone that makes sugar from foods for energy.

The brown fat tissues function is to burn fat so that heat is generated and thereby to prevent body temperature from dropping in cold exposure, informed Lisanne Blauw, lead researcher, a ph.d student in the Netherlands at Leiden University Medical Center.

Thus it is hypothesized that the brown fat plays a crucial role in the outdoor temperature and diabetes, while the brown fat in warmer climates is less activated and thus it leads to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Before packing for colder climates, it is essential to note that this does not prove any direct effect of relationship between th development of type 2 diabetes and warm temperatures.

Yet, Blauw said, “The basis of ‘brown fat hypothesis,’ should be explained casually to at least part of the association.

Although the researchers do not have information on global diabetes diagnoses, Blauw said, “People must realize that global warming may have implications on our health, and more persons can get diabetes as the mean outdoor temperature is higher”.