Sending and Receiving money is possible using Google Wallet through the Gmail app


Payments online is getting bigger than ever before and more people are making use of this services such as Venmo, PayPal or Google wallet to transfer money and it is really convenient. These services allow sending payments on the web through Gmail and it is more than four years, but now Gmail is offering this facility of sending or requesting money through Google Wallet using the Gmail app.

Google is boasting that this will be a useful method to pay for a group activity share, such as a dinner bill or a trip. It also claims that using the feature is simple as you just need to tap the attachment paperclip icon appearing in the Gmail app, and choose to send or request money. No other app installations are required and it is free for the recipient and the sender. In fact, even non-gmail users also can use this service.

Starting today, you can receive and send money, if you are located in the US and are doing so through Gmail’s Android app or on the web. Google Wallet is a free and fast way to send money through the app, in Gmail, or at on the web. You can send money using their email address or phone number and there is no need that the recipient needs to have the Wallet app.

Set a default payment method and you will be transferred automatically to that account. No need to cash out manually. Google wallet is useful for collecting rent or even for accepting payments for services.