iOS 10.3is coming with useful upgrades


Apple released iOS 10 update before iOS 11. There are useful upgrades to the Settings menu and Maps app on your iPad or iPhone.

Apple has just released the iOS 10.3 official version for everyone, the key software update for iPhones, iPads and iPods prior to the roll out of the big iOS 11 in June.

There are not significant changes, but there are few tweaks worth the upgrade.

There is a new profile section at the settings menu top with all your account information. You may Click on your profile and access your App Store, iCloud, iTunes and Family Sharing information in one place and scroll down to see the Apple devices linked to these accounts.

It is useful to pay on Apples iCloud for extra storage. You may see how you use your iCloud storage by clicking in this new profile on the iCloud option.

At the top section tap the graph to figure out the storage hogs. This gives you a program-specific and device breakdown detailing the gigs of storage used. Apple may use this space to give suggestions to improve your device’s performance, but right now it is not available.

The Maps app will show a glimpse of the weather as you go. There is a weather bug as the latest update at the bottom right hand screen corner showing current weather conditions. You can also get seven day breakdown with a 3D touch or hold to open in a new screen. There are AirPods as the devices and the official release is unknown.