US Think Tanks Call for a Tougher Line on Pakistan


Donald Trump’s dispensation brought about colossal changes in the administration and one of them is the gargantuan limitations and restrictions regarding the Islamic interactions and interventions in the United States. The major terrorist garbed states in the south Asian areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places are mostly being attacked by Trump’s lip service through his rigidity towards the Muslim Community.

The think tanks of the United States are the basic support system of the President who are solely responsible for the decisions taken by him, and hence, this strictness on the south Asian nations regarding the terrorist activities and their interference in the affairs of the United States is all chalked out by the national think tanks who are actually behind the decisions made by Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump’s decisions effect a lot upon the India Pakistan relations and the grandstanding among many other nations in Asia. The recent ban on migration and travel related to the Muslim community is exacerbating for the Islamic provinces not only in Asia, but all over the world.

The decrease military help to the Islamabad can lead to change of the national ties of the Islamic states with other nations. Allegiance and tie ups with other nations can lead to drastic international topsy turvy regarding, economy, politics and administration. Many Islamic Asian nations are about to undergo a sea change related to modification of national tie ups especially that of US with Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Russia, China and a few Arabian nations as well.