What Twitter Says About the Imposed Low of Checking Out the Personal Messages


What Twitter Says About the Imposed Low of Checking Out the Personal Messages

The new rule is going to apply very soon which revolves around the twitter users. Actually, earlier police was not allowed to check out the personal message of the twitter users. But now, they can go ahead for checking it out if they hold warrant. Panel of three judges took decision for the prosecutors of Essex County. According to the reliable source, they attempted to check out the messages on video from two twitter accounts.

This situation also come up with the solution that what kind of warrant you need. There are two types of warrant, first is about the communications warrant and the second one goes with the wiretapping warrant. Essex County wishes to access an audio.

The court agrees and gave them permission to go ahead. The panel of judge cleared that data warrant allows them to go for checking out that audio. As per Assistant of Essex County, they are allowed if it brings clarity to the case.

In the new age, where people are using the social media a lot and they also taking help of these social platform. According to this new age rule, investigators are allowed to check out the personal messages that have a wiretap rule.

When a spokesman of Twitter was asked about this rule, he declined for any comments. However, spokesperson indicated towards the company guideline in respect of disclosing the personal data. After getting the legal warrant, they will show the private information to the authorized department.

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