Rajon Rondo Questioned About the Performance and Leadership of Dwyane Wade & Jimmy Butler


It seems like some feud brewing is going on in between the team members of Chicago Bulls. After losing the game on 25th of January, Jimmy Butler along with Dwyane Wade went off on the other teammates while Rondo with his raging response fired back on the duo. He was questioned about the role of Jimmy and Dwyane. The experienced members of the team are throwing dirty allegations on the team.

Both Wade and Butler together combined for seventy-three points for the loss of Chicago Bulls on 25th of January. The match was played by the team against the Atlanta Hawks where they brutally lose it. Once the game was over, Wade and Butler declared that they were disturbed with the other members of their team. They alleged that the other teammates didi not show up their skill and play their best.

Jimmy Butler showed his rage and come with a rant. He said outrageously that he tried everything to make his team win. He said that being a dedicated player he played his role well to the tee. He also included that the team does not play hard throughout the time. It is heavily disappointing that the entire team does not play all the time the best with dedication. At the meantime, Dwyane Wade cleared especially that he was not at all happy with the team members. He included that he is the winner of three championships. It is much painful to him to lose than anyone else of the team. The team wants to have it.