Microsoft seeks ‘exceptions’ to ban


The recent declarations by the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump did bring in devastating regulations over the state and vehement protocols are introduced in the nation by him. The recent decision of ban on free movement and travel has affected adversly the common people and did not leave the colossal organisations and its employees as well.

According to the reports in the United States, the larger organisations, companies are also not left out by the irrational theories floated by Mr. Donald Trump. As the after math, the Microsoft Company did recently appeal to the secretary of the United States, Rex Tiller son for increasing the convenience of the company employs in the nation. They also did appeal to Gen John Kelly who is the Homeland security secretary of the place for easing the migration of their company workers in the United States.

The restriction on travel did bother the authority and hence, they were compelled to take a step for the sake of the ease of the employees to work in a glib manner. according to the chief legal officer of Microsoft , Bradford L Smith ; the number of employees and dependents working in the United States on behalf of this company are 76 and 41 respectively ; and are having the access to non- immigrant Visas to live in the United States and to work there as well.

This right is also being impacted and violated by the travel ban and hence, is being gargantuan criticised by large companies as well. Relaxation of the rigidity is being appealed for by many.