Metallic Hydrogen Invention on Earth Becomes Successful As US Scientists Finished High-Pressure Physics’ Holy Grail Quest After 80-Year


A group of scientists of America got success in intensely squeezing Hydrogen. By the experiment, the scientists turn gaseous hydrogen into metallic substance. This latest metallic product becomes much good and swift conductor of electricity. The material can efficiently conduct the electricity in the normal room temperatures.

This unique invention is reported in Science, a famous journal of scientific news on Thursday. The research had been going on so long since Hillard Bell Huntington and Eugene Wigner, the two physicists proposed the initial confirmation theory. According to their papers, gaseous hydrogen at the general temperature of the room could be turned into metal substance if appropriate and extreme pressure is created on it.

A fine competition has been going on in between different teams of physicists to form metallic hydrogen for the first time. This is extremely gifted as it has the potentiality to be the best conductor of electricity.

In recent time, such ultra-conductors are used in specific fields like magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. The machine needs to be cooled to remain at the lower temperature as much possible and so, liquid helium is used. Such process is extremely expensive.

According to Isaac Silvera, a physicist from Harvard University, this latest invention is Holy Grail of the high-pressure physics. Silvera was associated with the experiment and also an author of the study. He claimed that this is the first sample that exists on earth as Metallic hydrogen. He included that whenever someone looks at it means watching some absolutely new on Earth that never existed ever before.