Judiciary Placing US in Peril: Trump


Till date the ban on migration (emigration as well as immigration) of people from the seven Muslim dominated nations, proclaimed by Donald Trump has been highly criticised. Both entry and exit of people related to Islamic culture and Muslim dominated areas were banned in the United Nations and were largely restricted. This ban created a huge inconvenience in the national borders and in abroad as well.

According to the reports, to clear out this hassle, the court of the nation and the judiciary took bold steps and did take decisions further to ease this proclamation and let people travel freely. This was a jaw-jaw and chest thumping moment for the hoi polloi when they came to know about the relaxation of this rigid decision by the dispensation.

This lead to the re union of a large number of people in the nation and in abroad as well. Though this decision made by the judiciary is not at all being supported by the honourable President, the common masses are really glad to meet their near and dear ones owing to this gallant step taken by the authority.

Donald Trump has been seen turning a deaf ear towards this gleeful re union and has become a burning topic of an array of criticisms all over the world. In fact the attacking statements made by Mr. Trump against the judiciary members who dared to violate his rule is really shocking for the common people as such a sort of behaviour is way beyond expectation from administrative representatives like him .