Inter Continental Confirms payment Card breach at 12 U.S. hotels


Inter Continental Confirms payment Card breach at 12 U.S. hotels

There has been a long drawn issue and a lawsuit as well regarding the card breach in the Inter Continental Hotel groups and in 12 of their branches where transaction of payments were found faulty regarding card payments by the customers . The basic problem was created when issues were brewing regarding the security and privacy of the cards used, i.e. The card holder’s name, verification code provided on the card, expiry date of the card and the card number.

Finding out a malware in the server is causing all the issues related to card payments by the customers. This has also affected the business to some extent. According to reports only he card that were used in the restaurants and bars of the hotel were affected adversely; but the cards which were in use at the front desk were safe enough and were not harmed at all.

This was an unexpected and unpredictable inconvenience and hence, retaining the former repute is the main challenge now. Investigation is going on regarding some of the other branches of the same hotel located in the United States.

Though the number of cards that were affected was not clearly stated by the authority, measures have been taken for providing enough security and to retain the privacy of the card users as well. According to news, cyber security firms were also hired to find out and conclude the crux of the matter. It is promised, not to repeat such an inconvenience further and proper measures have already been taken.

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