FB’s Oculus Told to pay $500m For ‘Stolen Tech’

With the advent of social networking sites and gaming sites with an array of gaming soft wares a plethora of piracy as well as security problems did arrive. This technological upiftment did help the hoi polloi to communicate well and an intricate thread of excellent connectivity has been established in the contemporary society.

But this whole system and development is not without pitfalls. Loop holes regarding security is always enmeshed in the system of social networks. It is all about the competition of efficiency that lead to this condition when the face book and Oculus were charged to pay $500m to the firm of gaming soft wares – zenimax.

According to reports this allegation was owing to the lawsuit regarding the ownership of the recent technology of virtual reality. This massive lawsuit was going on between these two colossal, powerful and popular organisations in the United States for long, hence, just after the final verdict the owners of Face book and Oculus have been charged with this gargantuan amount that is to be paid off to this gaming software company in Washington.

The final verdict was proclaimed by the Texas jury on last Wednesday when the honourable founder of Oculus Mr. Palmer Luckey with few of his collegues was accused in a trial. The basis of accusing the authority was of basing of its rift headset technology on source code in a manner that was completely illegal.

According to investigation and reports, the source code was obtained by unfair means from the Zenimax Company by the accused members in this specific case. After all this is all about virtual reality which is a burning demand of this technologically flourishing society.