Five Year Sick Kid Takes Last Breath in Santa Clause’ Arms


A five year boy who was terminally ill in Knoxville, Tennessee wished as every child does about seeing Santa Claus. The nurse of the hospital called Eric Schmitt Matzen, president of the well known Packing Seals & Engineering who is known to spread smiles among the ailing kids, to visit the sick kid.

Eric told the nurse to give me some time for changing the outfit. But the nurse expressed there is no much time, visit in the suspenders of Santa. Eric reached in about 15 minutes in the attire of Old Saint Nick to visit the body. He told the family to leave the place else it can be difficult for him to see the child.

Santa visited the boy alone; he was weak and was falling asleep when Santa told him he was number one elf of Santa. The boy got up in surprise and Santa watched him opening the gift. The boy was happy and sad at the same time; he questioned Santa about his dying. Santa told him to explain them about being the number one elf of Santa.

The boy smiled and gave Santa a hug. Santa exclaimed to the newspaper that the kid died when he wrapped around him, and he couldn’t leave him. When the kid’s mother entered the room and started crying, he handed over the kid into her arms.

Schmitt Matzen said the newspaper that he has been many people dying in the Army, but this incident was something which he couldn’t forget for weeks. However, he continued his work after seeing more smiling faces of the sick kids.