Apple’s iPhone crashed after a 5-second video link run


Apples iOS software again this week is being questioned for its quality after the discovery of a video that runs for five second and forces and iPhone to freeze and lock up. The users noticed the bug and an iPhone users just needs to click an MP4 file and he is been bit by the bug to experience a problem.

The Verge has tested on multiple iPhones the bug running the latest updates of iOS 10.1, and beta copies of iOS 10.2. It was observed that all the test phones got locked up after playing the video for a short time.

In the video demonstration of the bug, there is a video link delivered to the iPhone user through iMessage and this makes the default player to play iOS10 play. The video appears corrupt, generating a loop and the iPhone crashes after watching in 10 seconds. The devices crash when the video is sent as a link. There is a way to recover from this crash and it is to hold the home and power button at same time and to do a hard reset. Once it is rebooted, iPhone works as normal.

A crash bug noticed in iOS is not for the first time. Last year, a text disabled on iPhones Apple’s iMessage app and the company resolved with iOS8.4 the problem. Safari earlier this year began crashing randomly on iPhones owing to software issue and was resolved quickly. For now, be wary of MP4 files links that you receive, it may be a prank.