Strike at Chicago O’Hare Airport Set for Nov.29

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport’s Support staff said on Monday that they would go on Nov. 29 on a strike, and it is now expected that this action may spread to more than 20 other airports.

The workers included the aircraft janitors and cabinstrike-at-chicago-o-hare-airport-set-for-nov-29 cleaners at one of the second busiest airport of the nation last week and voted to take over wages and other work conditions the industrial action, but said on Monday, they would delay the strike to start after the period of Thanksgiving as it ends on Sunday.

Hundreds will be walking off the job, informed in a statement the Service Employees International Union Local 1.

The union informed that their action would extend to approximately 20 airports serving everyday a 2 million passengers,” but they did not identify the facilities.

The workers are actually not the union members, but the labor group is organizing the protest efforts. Nevertheless, most support staff at O’Hare work is subcontractors than employees of the airlines or the city.

The largest airlines of O’Hares are making contingency plans and over 27 million passengers are anticipated to fly from and within the U.S during Thanksgiving period as per a trade group information and they may be flying for America.

The largest carrier, United Continental Holdings Inc., at O’Hare, said Friday that it was taking steps to confirm its vendors ensure plans to be in place and to ascertain an on-time operation for customers.”