New Zealand after Earthquake Leaves Thousands stranded


A deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked New Zealand leaving thousands stranded. There was a wave of powerful aftershocks. An emergency of local state is declared for Canterbury region, housing the areas by the quake.

Helicopters are sent to airlift tourists and locals trapped from cut-off communities in the Hurunui and Kaikoura districts. The HMNZS Canterbury and Wellington have sent a pair of ships to assist.

Firemen attend in Wellington, New Zealand to a call. The earthquake actually triggered a tsunami warning prior to the waves of just over two meters that hit the coast.

People wait in Te Aro Park from nearby buildings after being evacuated following the November 14 earthquake.

Motorway sign Tsunami, in Wellington on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. Earthquake damage is apparent in the State Highway and the main trunk railway towards the Kaikoura.

A landslide cuts off State Highway on New Zealand near Ohau Point 's South Island's east coast. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake was powerful causing massive damage to the infrastructure as it hit after midnight near the town of Kaikoura on Monday.

This aerial photo taken was received on November 14, 2016. It shows massive infrastructure damage, but officials said they were optimistic that the toll would not rise further. This was one of the most powerful jolts ever recorded in the quake-prone South Pacific nation, and this was hit just after midnight.

Kaikoura houses more than 3,500 people and is one of the popular tourist destinations on the South Island. Now landslides cut roads that people are forced to leave by sea or air. The United States offered two helicopters to help with evacuation efforts on nearby USS Sampson.