The Fact behind the Google Pixel Ban


Google with respect to sales is truly involved and serious. This week the giant of the internet cracked down as the Pixels were resold by locking the Google accounts at a mark-up.

According to Google’s service terms it is a strict no-no as it prohibits the resale of devices bought through the Google Store or Project Fi. Google reportedly tracked the accounts as it noticed the violation and locked each phone down.

Of course, this resulted in affecting the users and banned them from accessing their Google accounts. Thus, they were unable to log into Google Photos, Gmail and other, regardless of the device they were using.

It was observed that over 200 people in this issue got locked of their Google accounts. As Google commented on this, a spokesperson told there were many suspended accounts and this was done for this scheme, but as customers are not aware of the Sale Terms, they are locked out of the Google services they depend on. However, Google assured they were restoring the access soon.

Google argues that the terms are put to give everyone an opportunity to buy the devices at a decent price. However, a lesson learned now is that one should familiarize with the terms and conditions, and not violate the terms in the aim of making quick money, especially when it puts the digital data such as photos and emails at risk.