Facebook blamed for Trump’s election

People are blaming Facebook for the Trumps election, while Facebook considers it unfair.

The Facebook now plays a crucial role in the information distribution. facebook-blamed-for-trumps-electionIts 2 billion active users went through the traditional news sources, such as The New York Times and Business Insider. But most such readers do not directly visit the websites. Instead, they scrolling through the news feed of Facebook and get along with articles of their friends.

The Facebook users are not good in identifying legitimate news sources from propaganda, satire, or just plain false information. Once the bad information gets viral, it influences the public’s opinion negatively.

The false information spreading during the election cycle was bad, that President Obama referred Facebook as a “dust cloud of nonsense.”

“People, here repeat attacks, and outright lies over and over that it appears on Facebook and people can see it, as long as the social media is present and people start believing it,” he said.

But Mark Zuckerberg does not agree. He says, personally the Facebook fake news concept is for very small mount content and so it cannot influence an election.

Facebook is a platform that has more than billion of people sharing and finding news regularly. Facebook learned that its employed contractors allegedly suppressed politically conservative articles. the response of Facebook has turned to be controversy and was to fire the contractors. however, now it is the decision of the algorithm to decide the stories to appear in the news box.