The entire nation is dotted by Anti-Trump protests

Anti-Trump protesters in hundreds gather in Washington Square Park in New York City on Friday. The protestors block interstate highway in lowa city and Miami. People in thousands from Honolulu to Miami marched the streets down to vent anger about Donald Trump election.

The biggest crowds gathered outside in New York in Trump Tower, the-entire-nation-is-dotted-by-anti-trump-protestswhere Shoshi “Rabin” Rabinowitz said “Words cannot describe my disgust that I was elected over Hillary (Clinton).”

This was the protests third night since Trump’s election and it took sometimes to violent street protests in 25 cities. More demonstrations are expected by the weekend.

Hundreds of people in Miami walked chanting down Biscayne Boulevard ‘Love Trumps Hate’. Much of the groups walked onto Interstate 395 and surrounded cars. Thus all the four lanes of traffic came to a standstill.

Interstate 80 in Iowa City, was shut down by merely 75 protesters, said the City Police Department.

Angry crowds gathered outside the Trump Tower 58-story, the New York President-elect’s home.

Trump tweeted twice about the protests and said, “Just now had a successful and open presidential election. Now professional protesters are protesting, incited by the media, Very unfair’.

He was conciliatory on Friday morning, saying: “He loved the fact that the protesters who were in small groups last night showed passion for the great country. He said, ‘We will all come together and be proud!”.

Protests occurred in many more cities. The groups are annoyed about policies Trump promised to enforce about the environment, immigration, LGBT rights and other issued.