Computer Outage Grounds Flights Several Airlines causing terrible delay

Travelers on several airlines experienced checking in trouble for flights and waited out delays on Friday after a computer outage that runs airline technology systems.

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines,Delta Outage Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Virgin America confirmed the technology glitch hindered their operations. The problems have been fixed by midday, and airlines reported the resume of flights.

The airlines blamed a breakdown difficulty in systems operated by a Texas company, Sabre Corp. that provides software and valuable technology services to hotels and airlines.

A Sabre spokeswoman said by early Friday afternoon the systems were running again. But she was not aware of the breakdown cause.

Passengers at big airports complained about flight delays on social sites. Alaska said 15 flights had delayed in 15 minutes and the Southwest informed the ticket changes, mobile boarding passes usage prevented bookings.

United Airlines flights were not affected, and Delta Air Lines does not use Sabre. Technology outages struck most of the airlines at one point or another over the two years. The biggest problem is that Airlines also rely heavily on the programs of the overlapping computer to handle everything and this includes right from selling tickets to calculating weight calculations prior to flight takeoff. When outages occur, they naturally lead to cascading delays and passengers are made to wait for hours. This was the reason with the flight delay passengers started showing their regrets on social media sites.