Can Trump administration build bridges with Russia?


Relations between the United States and Russia are reaching the temperatures of cold war. Especially with the president-elect Donald Trump, the hopes are pinning on both the sides about the thoughts of improvement.

However, the military intervention of Russia in Ukraine and in Syria recently makes the situation terribly challenging.

Indeed before polling day, relations appeared to take a turn for the worse, suggesting improved relations will be very difficult.

Russia has now renewed in Syria its bombing campaign makes the improvement chances harder, particularly for US military commanders who see this as an hindrance in the war against the IS the Islamic State group.

Russia is engaged in a hostile propaganda war that is interpreted as an attempt to undermine fight against IS by the US military.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has been using social media to put forward that the US air strikes have been killing the Iraq and Syria civilians.

However, the Central Command of the United States said that the coalition aircraft did not involve in strike.

Col John Dorrian, the spokesman for the US-led coalition, told the BBC that it was a “firehose of falsehoods” that was aimed at redirecting the attention from Russia’s “Personal arbitrary bombing campaign” in Syria.

Conversely, some in the media have taken these allegations of Russia very seriously and have reported it as the report by Russian media and so may raise doubts about the American-led air campaign effects against IS.

This propaganda war now raises questions whether Trump administration can build bridges with Russia.