Apple working on AR glasses, says report

Apple is working on a device wearable that is similar to Google Glass. It is expected that with a regular pair of glasses it would blend an augmented reality display. The company is exploring the market; the earlier time is 2018 for the product to be launched. Apple may take a longer time or also change the direction.

Exploring AR and VR

Apple is collecting for the past few months AR apple-working-on-ar-glasses-says-reporttalent and is working secretly on some consumer product. Tim Cook, the CEO has answered on calls about AR related queries that he considers technology has more potential and hinted about the plans of Apple to enter space. By the month of September this year, both AR and VR experts are continuously hired by Apple, giving a possibility of developing products in these categories.

Apple already had talks for components such as near-eye displays with potential suppliers. It also has the expertise companies behind such as PrimeSense, Flyby and Metaio, all startups focused on 3D mapping, AR software and computer vision before Apple acquired them in the recent three years. The goal is to develop glasses that could wirelessly connect to an iPhone and superimpose the information on the field of vision of the wearer.

Apple acquired startups in AR Software

AR also has a fair share of its hurdles. Google Glass turned to be a massive flop, giving AR a poor public image and revealed how far the technology improvement is required before it is worn on our face. The headset that is capable available to the public is the developer version of Microsoft’s HoloLens, costing $3,000. Magic Leap, another startup, continues to work on AR technology in secret.