Apple iPad Air, Pro tablets, mini, in discount prices during Black Friday 2016

Apple iPad is no more the draw on Black Friday as it once was. It is a staple item and appears in many ads, but many iPads will be bought in this shopping holiday period. You need not pay the full price, if you are in the market. This is because you can find this Black Friday 2016, the best iPad deals.

Apple iPad Mini 2apple-ipad-air-pro-tablets-mini-in-discount-prices-during-black-friday-2016
This is a 7.9-inch mini 2 that is the cheapest tablet from Apple’s, available at $269. Black Friday offers the opportunity to cut that price, as it is available with Wal-Mart for $199. As a general practice, if one retailer announces the sale prices, the others also match and so the target is around $199.794.

Apple iPad Mini 4
Apple’s step-up tiny tablet at the moment has no deals, perhaps indicating how little is the appeal of a tablet at a $399 7.9-inch. Maybe owing to Apple’s Black Friday plans there will be a discount, stay tuned.

Apple iPad Air 2
Apple’s mainstream current tablet features a Retina display of 9.7-inch and A8X processor with its usual base price of $399, but you can get it for $125 off on the price during Black Friday. If you are looking for a different model there is a $125 savings in most Air 2 versions.

Apple iPad Pro
This Black Friday Apples’ pro tablet is available with deals. This 9.7 inch model is for $449 or is at $150 off the price. There is $125 on all 9.7 inch pro editions.

Apple iPad Pro
Discounts are less aggressive on the larger iPad Pro. The base 32GB model is for $70 discount from its $799 at Wal-Mart. You can get savings on the 128GB edition. Wal-Mart is slashing prices if you consider cellular connectivity options: $130 off for the gold tablet 128GB and more than $135 on the 256GB version.