U.S. Lawmakers Investigate WHO Cancer Agency Funding

The U.S. government Officials from the health research agency will be questioned by a congressional committee regarding the reason for taxpayers funding a World Health Organization cancer agency that is criticized over it classification of carcinogens.

The U.S. House Committee assistant informed that briefing will be given in person to the committee and it is agreed by National Institutes of Health Officials as questions are put by lawmakers on the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The hearing will be in private, and the NIH officials will be answering questions from committee investigators, though date has not been set.

In the recent years IARC has debated over things as mobile phones, coffee, processed meat and weed killer glyphosate causing cancer.

The industry and critics say it is quick to arrive at a conclusion that substances cause cancer and thus they cause health scares, shielding the methods as being scientifically sound.

“IARC’s determinations and standards for classifying substances as carcinogenic appear inconsistent with scientific research, and have generated alarm and much controversy,” wrote Chaffetz.

The NIH confirmed to Reuters receipt of Chaffetz’s letter and informed it “will respond to the committee directly “.

A spokeswoman for IARC told that Chaffetz’s letter bears “misconceptions” and Chris Wild, IARC’s director, will address his own letter to the NIH director.

Wild’s letter rejects the criticisms of Chaffetz. However, now NIH is asked to detail the awarding grants standards and full disclosure of NIH funds to IARC and its related activities.