Reliance Industries, Telecom arm, the Jio Infocomm hands out salary hikes up to 15% to its top performers


Jio has increased the top performer’s salaries and they are from the junior and middle level managers receiving nearly 15% and the senior execs in the DGM level and above received a raise of 10%. This was given to hold on to best talents in countrywide with 4G operations.

“The hikes is consistent in all its key functions customer care, regulatory, networks/networks IT & support, projects, HR and sales and marketing,,” the person said. It implies all the top performers in all the core functions were uniformly distributed the salary hike.

Jio announced 7 to 15% annual increments for junior and middle level employees and the seniors received 5%-10%
However, the numbers have made up as it was already delayed. Leading HR consultants said the hikes of Jio are better than the telecom sector average annual increments that were, mostly in the 7%-12% range. However, the fact stays that Jio’s hikes are certain to shoot attrition across levels.

A spokesperson from Reliance Jio Infocomm said the company was the industry leader in other HR practices and compensation. “However, as per the company policy, the employee remuneration cannot be announced, said the person.

Jio, finally last month launched its 4G services and has seen some high-profile exits. Pradeep Shrivastava, last month stepped down from his position as chief marketing officer after over a year. In fact, many more left in quick succession the company including Soren L Hansen the chief cloud architect, security operations vice president, Hari charan Rao, data science & cloud engineering analytics assistant vice president and few more.