MS Dhoni, The Reel Dhoni gets stumped as he is getting started

ms-dhoni-the-reel-dhoni-gets-stumped-as-he-is-getting-startedMS Dhoni, acted Sushant Singh Rajput and the others cast’s efforts fails because viewers find the untold story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s to be a hagiography and not his biography.

MS Dhoni review reveals that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s biography reveals if there is luck and talent, you can make it to a game, but starring Sushant Singh Rajput failed to do justice to the role of cricketing career.

In the aim of creating a full-blooded true biopic, film makers required a free-hand revealing Mahendra Singh Dhoni with his childhood details to his struggle days than his tenure as wicketkeeper-batsman- Indian cricket team captain.

The result is that but for a few interesting pieces, the movie is bland. The long film skirts all the controversies and grey areas. There are only ingratiating bouquets and does not include smart nose-digs, only hurrahs and loud background music that is used for drama and emotion, while the critique gets muted that audiences can hardly hear it.

It starts promisingly. Young Mahi is keen in football, tennis and badminton, and attempts blowing off (Rajesh Sharma) his first coach who identifies his potential. The entire ‘bachpan’-adolescence section, features (Anupam Kher) his father who believes his son will go further in his job and not in sports, while the mother has belief in her son, and (Bhumika Chawla) his sister offers a solid support, besides his loyal friends group. We see Mahi (Sushant Singh Rajput) failing and trying again, despite roadblocks.

The second half is a curse with songs and dances, cricketing bodies selection, BCCI is here feeble. Only Dhoni is shown, no dressing room scenes as captain and team-mates, only a typical Bollywood hero singing and dancing.