World’s first Bionic Olympic: Cybathlon

Bionic Olympic CybathlonWith growing enthusiasm towards technology, a new concept of first bionic Olympics inspired by the Paralympics at London. The event is being organized on 8th October at Kloten, Switzerland. The event near Zurich is intended to highlight how people with physical disabilities can be helped by novel technological aids in their everyday activities. Fifty teams from across the world will take part, including six from the UK. Events include slicing bread, going upstairs and putting out the washing.

Kevin Eviskon explained that disability sport is very much in the public eye thanks to the success of the London Paralympics, but people don’t see the struggles people with disabilities or physical weakness face every day. He will be competing with the use of an advanced prosthetic arm as part of a team from London’s Imperial College University. Cybathlon brings together the best of prosthetic technology from around the world with innovative ideas enabling us to be more independent and productive, making it a competition against companies and research labs too. David Rose, who was paralyzed 29 years ago in a diving accident, will be competing as part of the University of Essex’s rival Brainstormed team. He will be trying to control a computer game using only his brainwaves.

The initiative will have a great impact globally. Although it’s very hard to assemble people with that level of disability to the labs and work for such long trainings, yet this event has given everything worth. Cybathlon would not only create a competitive feeling among different people but also ensure to boost up their self confidence. Moreover these equipments and sensor would definitely let them feel a part of third world. What can be better if technology can serve as a helping hand for the ones who need it.