Technology Apps for Pet Keepers making Life easier for them

Kittyo-Technology Apps for Pet KeepersPeople these days are becoming more and more obsessed towards their loving four legged family members. The luxury dog hotels, pet friendly restaurants and various pet products marks the clear intention and inclination of the people interests. The recent development of Pet Tech apps is helping people to solve the purpose. Pet tech apps are changing the way we manage our pet’s health and also helping the users to enhance their relationships with them.

From smart feeders to digital fetch machines all these things are helping the pet owners a lot to manage their pets efficiently with an ease. Virtual babysitters like Pet Cube camera helps the pet owners to keep an eye on their pets so that they won’t get into the garbage or stuck in any inevitable circumstances. The IOS and Android based aluminum cube connects through the Wi-Fi and allows the users to get a watch on their pet and even communicate with them through their Smartphone. This app also allows the users to check if any intruder is harming their pets or an intention to do so with its 138 degree HD view.

Kittyo is a special app designed for the cat lovers which allow watching, communicating and playing with the cats remotely. Users can also feed their cats via kitty carousel and even entertain their cat with an inbuilt laser pointer. Various gadgets like Go Dog go fetch machine and Fido one can keep a track on their pet dogs, train them, ensure proper walk and exercise for them. These gadgets also allow the users to track the doctors for their pets in case of any emergency or even when they travel, it helps them to ensure pet’s health. Another useful device called Pet tracker and Trackmino is a useful GPS tracking device which helps users by alerting them if their pet crossed their 300 foot pet zone. The PetKit Smart Bowl is an antibacterial bowl that calculates the exact quantity of food that pet eats. All these improvisations are proving to be a need and great help for the purpose.