Skype in use to Train Doctors at Aleppo

Skype in use to Train Doctors at AleppoTechnology is really fascinating for all of us. And humans find most creative way to use them for a good cause. This happened in a place named Aleppo where Skype was used for a special good cause. Basically the video conferencing technology was used to train doctors remotely to provide medical assistance and help to the needy in the not so safe environment of Aleppo.

Since last five years Aleppo is fighting war with Syria City and the condition turned to be worse each day. War would always result in mass destruction of the property, capital and health of a being. And one the main issue is health, since if it is not in a good state then the declination of the state is a must happening episode. Aleppo was facing the same problem since last five years. A couple of years ago a British doctor named David Nott went there for the training and development of skills of the doctors at the place. Still the humanitarian and medical facilities at Aleppo were a big mess. Moreover the trained doctor could not stay their much due to lack of safety and even economic crisis. So finally Dr. David Nott found out a creative way to train doctors taking help of the technology via Skype. It’s a cheap and subtle option for the place and suits the purpose as well.

Since last few months Dr. David Knott is using this method to train a large number of doctors at Aleppo at a single go. This is not merely his determination to help the needy but also the passion towards his profession and ethics which counts. This is definitely helping the city to free from outrage and at least provide a medical security for the residents and to those on the borders. Dr. David Knott must be appreciated for the good work he is doing for the society.