Rachel Warwick: The Woman who is Allergic to Water

Allergic to WaterWater is a basic need for the human beings and if it turns out to be a curse for a living organism then certainly it is the worst thing ever faced by an organism. This condition in medical science is so far termed as aquagenic urticaria which actually in turn is not an allergy because it is not an alter response to the immune system rather an overreaction to a foreign elements. There are lots of theories to explain this state which explains the primary cause which may be probably due to intoxication of dead skin cells which get embedded into skin as they dissolve in water.

Rachel Warwick is one of the people suffering through this bizarre disease. From drinking water to bathing everything is agony for her, and worst feeling a human could have. Even the day seems horrible to her, she cannot cry even as it would lead to swelling up of her face and the condition would be similar to be stung by a toxic bush along with the hay fever. Even if she wants to have food or water, she has to suck it up as soon as possible as it would leave rashes in the food pipe and even turns out to be a little bit painful.

Rachel was first diagnosed when she was 12, as she got a rash on her body while swimming. Now it would be like swimming into the potent bleach if she swims in water. This disease is still a sort of mystery for the dermatologists and what they suggest is powerful antihistamines against the attack caused by the disease. However after 2009 the problem was almost sorted and the asthma drugs were given as a solution to the patients. Remarkably it was tested on a woman who got relived within a month. In 2014 the treatment worked even on Rachel and she was almost free with this disease.