Why Do people inclined towards ONLINE Diagnosis?

Why Do people inclined towards ONLINE DiagnosisWith the rise of free health related online platforms, more people are inclined towards online diagnosis and medications for their disease in their preliminary stage. But the question arises that how much could you trust these online platforms or mobile healthcare? In countries like India with low doctor to patient ratio these apps are attaining the peak of popularity as at faster pace. One can easily self-diagnose and get the suitable do’s and don’ts for the case. Not only it saves money and time of the patients but also from various tests and procedures a patient has to go through.

But the doctors are not much in the rhythm with the online diagnosis systems. What they are really worried of is the inaccuracy of all these software. Sometimes it may happen that the app diagnoses the wrong symptoms or even fail to know about the criticalness of the disease. Doctors provide a customize series of test and are aware of the roots of disease, like few disease have the potential to turn out into major things like cancer derived from a patient’s genetic history which an app may fail to recognize and hence lead to major health related issues.

But some doctors take this in an optimistic manner; even they use the apps like Practo which help them to track the real-time records of their patients which utmost ensures proper care and paperless work as well. More or less it has been estimated that the health care sector in India itself would be of US$ 280 Billion by the end of 2020. More than 60% of Indian users trust online diagnosis as it has caused them convenience, lower cost and enhanced quality of their healthcare. The Indian Government has also launched the National Health portal which provide various useful apps like AIIMS- WHO CC ENBC, Safe Pregnancy and Birth and Isabel Symptom Checker. Although these apps provide users with great deal of convenience on economic and time basis but yet the patients should consult their doctor rather preferring self-medication. Moreover it is sure that the health care apps are going to boom in the country so the doctors have to find a way to sustain with the era.